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What is a webstory?

A webstory is a web page in its own right. Unlike the stories on social networks, it can be dynamically modified, shared, and above all be present on your website or application.

This article details the features that will allow you to create your first webstory.

To create your first webstory, go to the menu :

A pop up window will open, on which you will have to define :

  • Name story : The name of your story, this one is invisible for the visitors of your website.

  • Slug : The slug can be your title or modified if you wish.

❗️ The slug will be visible in the url of your site and will be visible if you share the story link on social networks.

You will then need to choose the base that will make up your story.

  • From an inspiration: If you have asked Join's design team to create a template from your brand identity, this is where you will find it.

  • Blank story: You can create your story from a blank page, or from a template created by our team and modify it to your liking.

If you want to keep the story you have created as an Inspiration, simply save it as an Inspiration:

Once you have chosen the base, you will have access to the interface that will allow you to create your story:

Here are the details of the elements that make up the Design menu:

This is where you can add elements to your story.


This is what will allow you to write about your story. The H1 is important for your SEO.

Medias :

Add visual content to your story. Click here if you want to learn more about adding images, gifs or videos.

Shapes :

Add graphic elements to your story.

💡Pro tip: You can add an image inside a shape of this type, by clicking on the shape, then clicking on the desired image.

Swipe up & CTA :

  • Swipe up: Displays at the bottom of the story and leads to a link after clicking. Its appearance cannot be modified.

  • Button: Can be moved to the bottom of the story, it is possible to modify the font, the size and the colour.


Forms :

The form allows you to retrieve valuable information: the contact details of your visitors. You can change the titles and add or remove fields. Learn more about using forms.

Polls and Quizzes :

Two options are available:

  • Polls: Allows you to poll visitors

  • Quizzes: There is only one correct answer possible. To do this, click on the quizz and configure it in the right-hand menu.

💡 Pro tip: You can find the statistics corresponding to Swipe up & CTA, Forms, Polls and Quizzes within the analytics part.

Preview, share, export and publish your story.

This is possible via the menu located at the top of the page:

  • Icon ✅ or ❗️: Indicates whether or not the story could be saved.

  • Preview : You will be able to preview the rendering of your story on mobile and desktop. A QR allows you to view the story directly on your mobile.

  • Share: This gives you the option to share on the social networks Facebook, Twitter and Facebook, you will have to connect from the JOIN tool. You will be able to retrieve the embed code to add to your site or retrieve the direct link to your story from this menu.

  • Export : Export the cards of the selected stories.

💡 If your story contains a video or animation the format will be mp4, if the card is composed of an image, the format will be png.

  • Publish :

    Save as an inspiration: To find in two clicks the story when creating.

    Story Settings : To have the possibility to modify the title of your story and its cover. To learn more click here.

    Publish: Publish your story or the changes you made.

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