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How do I generate subtitles for a Story?
How do I generate subtitles for a Story?
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What is AI Subtitles?

The AI Subtitles feature allows you to dynamically generate all the subtitles for your story in just 1 click.

Why use AI subtitles for your Stories?

🤖 Automate creation: stop wasting time writing subtitles for your videos, AI does it for you!

💥 Boost your content: catch your audience's attention by enhancing the impact of your message.

😌 More accessible: reach a wider audience by enabling everyone to enjoy your content without necessarily having the sound turned on.

How does it work?

1- Once you have imported your video or UGC, click on the AI subtitles button.

2 - Let AI intelligently generate subtitles by analysing the content, identifying the words...

3 - Manage subtitles

Once your subtitles have been generated, you have access to two tabs:

Captions to edit the text and timing of your subtitles. Subtitles are grouped by corresponding chapter.

Design to customise the style of your subtitles. You have access to 3 themes:

  • Standard: without animation

  • Spotlight: the current word appears bolder than the rest of the text

  • Word color: the current word appears in a color of your choice other than the rest of the text.

For all 3 themes, you can edit font and choose whether the subtitles should appear centred or at the bottom.

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