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Discover the Shopping feature
Discover the Shopping feature

Choose products from your ecommerce website and add them to your stories.

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The Shopping feature allows you to present products on your stories:

1- Connect JOIN to your Google Merchant Center

Connect JOIN to your Google Merchant Center to see your products in your JOIN Studio. If you operate a Shopify store and don't already publish your products to Google, you can do so with the Google Channel app.

2- Search for products

Using their name or reference.

3- Add products to your story

You can add up to 3 products per page. The thumbnails link to your ecommerce website.

4- Design your product thumbnails

Select the best product picture and frame it precisely.

5- Measure the results

Conversions are visible in the Analytics section of your JOIN Studio. We also automatically add UTMs to your links to that you can identify traffic coming from these links in your web analytics tool.

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