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Embed a story in an email
Embed a story in an email
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Want to integrate your stories into an email?

This article will explain how to do it.

But first of all, you should know that it is not advised to put a code in an email, for deliverability reasons.

Indeed, it is not recommended to put a script in an email, because it could be considered as a phishing attempt or spam by email tools such as Gmail, Outlook...

Then click on the way you want to integrate them:

Embed the story link in a text:

You will need to export your stories:

Then simply paste the story link into one or more words in your email.

Don't forget to make a text that calls to action. For example: Click here to see our new collection.

Embedding a story as an image or a gif

As a still image:

If you only want to put a story image you will need to export and retrieve the story link:

We also recommend putting an icon that indicates that the image is clickable to increase your click rate. You can some at flaticon.

Example below:

On your email tool, you can then simply paste the link of the story so that your recipients can access it.

As a gif

Once your stories have been exported, you just need to add them to a gif creation tool and then add them to your email.

While JOIN makes it easy to create webstories, to create your gif on :

💡 Tip: You can bookmark the icon play so you can find it on each of your stories

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