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Improving the viewability rate
Improving the viewability rate
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The viewability rate is the average number of times a widget has been viewed.

This is a good indicator of whether the widget is easily visible.

Reminder: A widget must be seen at least 75% of the time.

Is your viewability rate low? This article will explain why and how to improve it.

To understand where to put a widget, we need to look at the structure of the website.

When you arrive on the page of a website, a part of it is immediately visible.
Underneath this part is only visible when you scroll, this part is called: waterline.

The best practice is to place the most important elements above the waterline, which is why it is the perfect place to place your stories.

Here is a concrete example, on desktop:

And on mobile :

As you can see on mobile, there are far fewer elements visible above the waterline, and this can impact on the visibility rate.

Where to place the widget?

The higher the better!

You need to think about which elements of your site can be changed into a widget.

For example, if above your "Buy Product" button you have :

  • Product information

  • An unboxing

  • Your company's values

  • Reassurance elements (buyer testimonials, their opinions...)

It is possible to change them into a widget:

The best practice so far has been to place the most important elements above the waterline.

By placing the widget above the waterline, you ensure a high viewabily rate, and therefore that your important content will be more visible to your visitors.

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