How do I update a story on my website?
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Have you made changes to one of your stories and it's not visible when you click on the widget?

Follow the steps below to solve this:

Step 1: Republish the stories

To publish the changes you must first republish the stories.

You need to click on Publish to access the menu, then click on the Publish button shown below.

Step 2: Check that the changes are visible

To do this, go to the page on your site where you published the widget.

If you see the changes, great! If you don't, it may be that your browser's cache is preventing you from seeing them.

Open your browser in private browsing to see the changes.

If you do see it, you will need to clear your browser cache.

💡 Pro Tip: After making changes to your stories, there is no need to put the widget script back on your site, the changes will be updated automatically on the widget.

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