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Add your colours, fonts and Google Analytics account

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Setting up your account will give you the opportunity to link your Google account, add a font, but also the colours related to your brand.

❗️It will not be possible to add new users, please contact the person in charge of your account at JOIN for this.

You will find the menu in the Team section:

Linking Google Accounts :

In the Team>Settings menu you can set up different features related to your Google account.

  • Google Sheet: This allows you to have access to a spreadsheet to collect information from people who have submitted a form or forms from your stories.

💡 The interest is to be able to connect this spreadsheet to your CRM or your mailing tool via the Zapier tool for example.

  • Google Analytics : To have your JOIN statistics on your Analytics account.

  • Google Ad Manager : If you want to use the Ads function and have ads between the pages of the same story, this is where you have to indicate your GAM code.

💡 If we advise against ads when you are a brand and you are promoting your products, if you are a media it can be interesting for you. You need to have at least 7 pages within a story, you won't be able to choose the ads, the theme of them will be random.

Configure your colours

In order to have easier access to the colours that make up your brand image, you can configure them in the Colors tab.

You will then be able to find them when you edit your stories.

💡 You can ask your graphic designer for the colour codes so you don't have to use a graphic tool to get them.

Add a font

Are you using a special font on your site and want to add it to JOIN?

👩🏻‍💻 Contact the person in charge of your account by email to add it 😊

💡Don't have the name or the policy file? You can ask the person who created your brand identity.

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